Month: February 2020

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Why being sore isn’t the sign of a great workout

We’ve all woken up in the morning after a big session in the gym only to experience that you are so sore you can hardly move (especially sitting down on the toilet – you know you have felt that) and can’t stop wincing. Well, if you weren’t sure this pain is called DOMS (delayed onset


Sarah’s success story

Sarah was no stranger to the gym, but she was doing the typical things most people do when trying to lose weight. She skipped meals, demonised bad foods and only trained through classes and cardio. Sarah had previously seen success in fat loss, but it was through great cost to her health. Through only eating


Why Protein is essential for the body you want

Firstly I want to say in regards to the title when I say high protein diet, I don’t mean a diet, this is a LIFESTYLE!  To anyone that has spent most of their life flicking from diet to diet or are you one of those people that feel they have spent their whole life on

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