Month: June 2020

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Case Studies

Rob’s Testimonial

”I was reasonably fit, I had confidence in myself but not in my body. I had no habits when it came to fitness and eating. I would jump for one weight loss program to another not knowing what I was doing or what I wanted my end goal to be. I have known Karl since

Case Studies

Adam’s Testmonial

”I started training with Karl at the beginning of January. I have had previous training experience with Karl throughout this journey as a PT but this time it was different. This time I had a goal and purpose to my training.  I recently suffered my second shoulder dislocation and started to pile on the pounds


Joe’s testimonial

”The hardest part for me was being consistent not only in my training but also with my diet. Karl helped me achieve that and given me the  accountability I needed to achieve my goals. Working with Karl has also provided me with a depth of understanding and knowledge around micronutrients, the importance of sleep and


Tasha’s testimonial

‘‘I have been training with Karl for a couple of months now and cannot stress how much he has helped me progress and expand my knowledge. After a month of training I already started seeing the difference in my weight and my strength beginning to improve! Its absolutely incredible the way my body has changed

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