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3 ways to stop you from eating when you’re bored

Are you finding yourself eating every time when you’re bored? Are you constantly going to and from the kitchen looking for food to eat for the sake of it? First thing you need to understand is the difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of


8 reasons why women should be lifting weights

It you were given your ideal figure tomorrow, what would you want it to look like? Would you want to look skinny with no shape to your body or would you like to have lumps in all the right places? I’m sure the answer would be that you want to have big glutes, strong thighs,


Why HABITS are the reason you’re not getting real results

You want to feel amazing in your body and you want to be healthier, to know that this won’t happen if you don’t build strong lifestyle habits. Being shown the best training program or the best nutrition plan doesn’t guarantee us results. What gets us the results is taking what we have been taught and


Why weights give you the body you want

Like nutrition, exercise can be very confusing. Do I just need to do cardio? Will weights make me look bulky? How many times should I be training a week? Most of you aren’t doing the right type of training that aligns with your goals. You want to change your body shape, right? You want to


Why Protein is essential for the body you want

Firstly I want to say in regards to the title when I say high protein diet, I don’t mean a diet, this is a LIFESTYLE!  To anyone that has spent most of their life flicking from diet to diet or are you one of those people that feel they have spent their whole life on


How to use cardio the right way

Cardio plays a vital role in losing weight. I see it as an addition to weight training. For building lean muscle, weight training should be your main course and cardio should be your side dish. However, a lot of people go straight to cardio when they want to lose weight and neglect weight training.  Cardio

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