Category: Testimonials

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Joe’s testimonial

”The hardest part for me was being consistent not only in my training but also with my diet. Karl helped me achieve that and given me the  accountability I needed to achieve my goals. Working with Karl has also provided me with a depth of understanding and knowledge around micronutrients, the importance of sleep and


Tasha’s testimonial

‘‘I have been training with Karl for a couple of months now and cannot stress how much he has helped me progress and expand my knowledge. After a month of training I already started seeing the difference in my weight and my strength beginning to improve! Its absolutely incredible the way my body has changed


Sarah’s testimonial

“I have known Karl for a few years now, whilst I had been training at the gym and trying to eat the right things, I decided I needed to work with Karl as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and I felt stuck in a rut. Working with Karl has taught me so much,


Paul’s Testimonial

”I knew the date and timeframe needed to achieve my goal, I just need to accountabilty, knowledge and guidance, that’s why I came to Karl. Karl setup everything up for me so I was ready to go. My calories and macros were set up on myfitnesspal and I had a personalised training program through his


Sam’s Testimonial

“Since working with Karl he has shown nothing but professionalism and a want to improve my health, fitness and well being. I always felt Karl was in my corner and I liked having the accountability and desire from Karl to improve me. Learning was the massive key for me, I’ve always played sport but never


Natalie’s Testimonial

“After a holiday and losing motivation, Karl got me back on track and I’m so thankful he got me to do this. Karl set out an 8 week training programme and personal nutritional plan to ensure everyone was in their own deficit, getting everyone the best results! I’ve known Karl for a few years now


Lauren’s Testimonial

“I’ve been training with Karl for the last year and I am so pleased with my results! My goal was to loose body fat and get leaner for my wedding next June, Karl set me up with my calorie goals and a training plan and has kept me accountable to achieve results. The last eight


Sophie’s Testimonial

“I am getting married next June and my goal is to lose body fat and get leaner in time for the wedding. After speaking to Karl we decided it was a good idea to do an 8 week cut. Karl allocated me calories that I had to stick too during the 8 weeks. He also


Amber’s Testimonial

“I am so pleased with the results that I have achieved from working with Karl. Not only has he helped me to achieve change, he has also taught me how to be consistent with nutrition and training, one area which I have struggled with over the years that I have known Karl. I now know


Matthew’s Testimonial

“We went to Karl to talk about getting in shape for Vegas after letting ourselves go for a while. He was more than happy to help us was excited to get us started as were we. We had all our body stats taken and the dreaded first pictures taken at Karl’s gym. He produced a in

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