Cosmin’s Testimonial

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“Just about a year ago, I was struggling with my training. Although I had some experience around the gym, something was missing. That was the moment when I realized I needed help. I have approached Karl as a PT for training sessions. In a very professional manner we had a conversation about what I want to achieve and how to proceed.

I had a “taster” session and joined DTN (Defying the Normal) a course I could not recommend enough. I must admit after first DTN session I said to myself no way I am going for another session. I was sick and cannot breathe. But, guess what I went for more and I am so glad I did. Karl mentioned is a marathon not a sprint and we discussed about nutrition, although I was eating fairly “clean” I wasn’t tracking calories and macros. This proved to be as important as training in the gym. All of the small and consistent changes I have done under Karl’s guidance, helped me lose about 2.5 stones and keep them off despite holidays and other temptations which arise every day.  With Karl’s help, I managed to improve on my fitness and strength achieving a PB in deadlift of 160kg. I could not recommend Karl enough for being a true inspiration and an amazing trainer. I hope to keep “running” the marathon as much as possible with Karl alongside. Thank you good sir.”

Cosmin Caluean

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