Dan’s Testimonial

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”I enlisted the help of Karl as a PT after attending his Defying The Normal course, and I can 100% say I have not looked back. The one thing I cannot thank Karl enough for is how comfortable he made me feel. I was always sceptical of going to the gym on my own due to lack of knowledge, and the fear of being intimidated by everyone there, but Karl listened to my needs and managed to break down my fear barriers. Not only has he been a trainer for me, but also an educator – I now know what specific exercises do, how they work your body, what I should do them in conjunction with etc. Outside of this, Karl has broadened my horizons when it comes to nutrition and has me fuelling my body with what it needs, whilst allowing me to still have the social life I love and get results. After a year of training with Karl, I decided it was time to go it alone. Karl was very understanding around my reasons and agreed that I was in a great position to fly the nest. In my last month with Karl, he ensured that I had everything I needed to feel comfortable going solo and has assured me that despite not being a client anymore, I would still have his support if needed. I owe this man a LOT.”

Dan Veal

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