Hannah’s Case Study

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This is the story of my client Hannah and how she achieved the body she never thought possible.Hannah had trained with on my Fitness course named ‘Defying The Normal’

Hannah then approached me about Personal Training. I always knew Hannah had massive potential and I was very excited to work with her.I’m sure Hannah will be the first to say she is very shy. So trying to get Hannah to tell what her specific goals were, wasn’t easy. After digging deep Hannah told me she wanted to get in the best shape of her life and wanted to have that one picture to look back on, to say she had done that. So I suggested for her to do a photoshoot and after a little persuasion, she agreed. We now had her goals established and we could now set them in place.We gave Hannah a timeline of ten weeks to get the best shape possible. We did try this before Christmas, but it just didn’t give us the full ten weeks we needed. We decided to wait until the new year and then there were no social events that might hamper her progress.Hannah’s first body stat measurement was on 14 Jan 17. She weighed 77.2kg and was around 24% body fat. After that we would monitor her weight every week and then do her body fat measurements half way through and then lastly on the day of the photoshoot.

Hannah’s weight dropped after two weeks from 77.2kg to 74.5kg. The following weight she dropped a further kilo. As we didn’t want her dropping more weight, we then got her to maintain her calories, instead of reducing them. That resulted in her weight staying the same the following week. The reason we did this, we didn’t want Hannah losing any more weight, it would of meant she was losing muscle tissue as well.Hannah always gives 110% every session and this what helped her get the physique she wanted in such a short time. She would never moan about anything I asked of her and really was a pleasure to train.There was times where the Nutrition, especially towards the end, got really tough, but this is where Hannah’s mental as well as physical toughness came in. Most people could have easily give up, but Hannah didn’t because she had a goal and nothing was going to stop her achieve that.It was in the last 2 weeks we really started seeing the changes in Hannah. Her body composition was changing everyday. When you’re struggling with the strict diet, its the changes to your body that helps motivate you to keep going.It had come to the last week and the start of the dehydrating process. The way this works is you load your body with water about 3 days out from the photoshoot and then everyday leading up to the shoot, you reduce your intake of water until 24 hours before. Which results in your body flushes out all the water in your body, leaving you completely dry on the morning of the shoot. The night before Hannah got a spray tan, which is the best way to see the definition of your lean muscle.On the day of the photoshoot Hannah’s body stat measurements went from 24% body fat to 19.7% and dropped from 77.2kg to 69.1kg.Then it was the day of the shoot. We did one last depletion workout, where i jIined in and it was disgusting! We were trying to get rid of any last water retention in the body. When we got the venue, which was at a friend of mine’s house. Her name was Angie and I had worked with her previously. As you can imagine Hannah was very nervous at first, but once she started to relax and her big smile came out, the photoshoot became easy. She looked absolutely fantastic and I was so proud of how far she had come in such a short time.There are always going to be times where you doubt yourself, but if you believe in yourself and the process you are taking, then it will always work out in the end.Well done Hannah, you deserved the way you looked and I think this is only the start of something big.

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