Hannah’s Testimonial

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“I have been training with Karl on a 1-2-1 basis for a couple of years now and cannot compliment him enough. Since training with Karl there has been a noticeable increase in my fitness and strength! But most impressive is the way my body shape has been transformed and that is all down to the knowledge, advice and expertise that Karl has shared with me, but most importantly the support and encouragement he constantly shows me. Karl always encourages me to set goals in my training and last year I achieved my ultimate goal! Due to his dedication and guidance I underwent a strict training and ‘clean’ eating regime and posed for a fitness photoshoot! I wanted that one picture of me in my best physical shape, that I could look back on in years to come and I got it!! Now Karl knows me well and I am not the most confident of people and it’s something that I never thought I would achieve but I did! And now thanks to that experience and Karl’s expanding knowledge I have learnt exactly how my body works and what I am capable of. Thank you Karl for continuing to motivate me to reach my fitness goals! You are an amazing trainer and I look forward to our continuing sessions!”

Hannah Noke

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