Sarah’s success story

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Sarah was no stranger to the gym, but she was doing the typical things most people do when trying to lose weight. She skipped meals, demonised bad foods and only trained through classes and cardio.

Sarah had previously seen success in fat loss, but it was through great cost to her health. Through only eating minimal calories, deprived sleep and high-stress levels, Sarah was sacrificing her health in order to chase a certain body image. Sarah then came to me in order to hopefully find a way of achieving her goals, without damaging her health.

Sarah said “I have known Karl for a few years now, whilst I had been training at the gym and trying to eat the right things, I decided I needed to work with Karl as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and I felt stuck in a rut. Working with Karl has taught me so much, he has taught about weights and how they help sculpt your body, he has taught me you don’t have to be doing lots of excess cardio and also the nutritional advice he has given me has completely changed my outlook for the better.

I used to ‘shame’ certain foods and eat clean most of the time but still not getting the results I wanted. With Karl’s continued advice I have not only lost weight, I have dramatically changed my figure and now I have a real understanding of how to make health & fitness a way of life. I now wake up feeling proud of my body, I can now dress how I like without stress and I feel fitter and stronger than I have for years. 

Karl has great knowledge and is an amazing coach who has also had his personal journey so it makes him so real and relatable. Signing up with Karl was a great decision and I look forward to seeing what I can achieve further this year. Thank you Karl’’

Sarah has completely changed her appearance and her mindset. She has done all this through training with me just once a week. Apart from that one training session Sarah walks at least 10,000 steps a day and ensures her calories are aligned with her goals. Sarah now has the knowledge to maintain these results for the rest of her life.

It just shows you don’t have to kill yourselves in the gym daily or that you don’t have to just eat salads, you can achieve amazing things through educating yourself and making it a lifestyle.

Sarah has been a pleasure to train and I look forward to much further success with her this year and beyond.

If you like to achieve the same amazing results then click on the contact link and get started today.

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