Jim’s Testimonial

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“Karl was recommended to me when I realised I had some serious weight and fitness issues. After a couple of meets to work out what my aims and goals were we started training. For the last 10 months we have been working towards a change in my whole lifestyle. Karl has worked wonders with me, I now eat good nutritious healthy food, exercise regularly with Karl. My understanding of nutrition has grown immeasurably with Karl’s guidance and continued explanations of the benefits of eating well. My weight has dropped by massive amounts and continues. Every session is a pleasure, even though sometimes very hard but that is what I need, for him to push me and increase my fitness, knowledge and understanding of a good training regime. In this time we have also become good friends and he has helped me to regain my self confidence. He is always available if I need help or support on all levels. He has become an important part of my life and I plan on that continuing for a long time to come.”

Jim Skinner

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