Lee’s Testimonial

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”I initially used to speak to my brother karl every now and again about training and nutrition, but never really took anything on board I just used to do random fad diets which including juice diets and fasting and never used to do any form of weight training. So after seeing some amazing results from Karl’s clients and knowing that I needed to make a lifestyle change, I asked Karl for his professional help. Karl commited a lot of  his time into helping me understand nutrition properly and helped me with counting calories by using MyFitnessPal, plus programming a weight training plan to adhere to. It didn’t take long before I started to see big improvements in my appearance and also my overall fitness and I now keep Karl up to date with progress pictures and body stat analysis. I now know the importance of living health & fitness as a lifestyle and I understand the importance of fuelling my body with good nutrition and I know to lose more body fat, I need to be in a calorie deficit. I would truly recommend Karl to anyone who wants to make a big change in their life, with Karl there is no excuse you will have everything you need to succeed and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me.”

Lee Stinchcomb

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