What is Women VS Weights?

The brand new Women V Weights is a Group training monthly membership. This membership is only exclusive to women.

WVW was built to give you the opportunity to get the benefits of Personal Training for over half the price. WVW is the whole package, you will be trained by me twice a week, along with access to my training app with group messaging, and a full nutrition training plan.

I will give you the confidence and experience to get the body you desire. Weights are something women avoid for many reasons, but I will teach you the importance of lifting weights.
Each session will be a Full Body workout finished with an element of cardiovascular training. Teaching you how to perform each exercise safely and effectively. You will be training with a group of like-minded ladies that will help motivate and support you. Along with each week, there will be nutrition guidance, weekly body stat check-ins and group messaging within the training app.

There has never been a better way for you to get in shape. This membership is educational, challenging, fun and results-driven.

If you would like to be apart of this amazing team, get in touch now.